Stunning India

Discover the stunning beauty of India.India is the country of history,romance,color and culture. No one can escape from its magical beauty.India, located in Asia is Bounded by the Himalayan ranges in the north, surrounded by the Arabian Sea, the Bay of Bengal, and the Indian Ocean. India's largest cities are Mumbai (formerly Bombay), Delhi, Kolkata (formerly Calcutta), Chennai (formerly Madras), Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore), Hyderabad and Ahmedabad.


Festival Of The Week

August is the month of rain, storm, and festives. It is also called shravan ka mahina(the month of sravan).Shravan is the holiest month of the year for Hindus. Each Monday of this month, known as Shravan Somvar, is a special day in Shiva temples where the dharanatra hangs over the linga or the idol to bathe it with water, day and night. Devotees pile the lmga high with Bel leaves and flowers and fast till sundown, eating only root vegetables and'fruit.
In this month India got its Independence in 15 August 1947. This is a national holiday and Indians celebrates it like a festival too.

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Weekly Events - 50 years Back

This time wheel can take you fifty years back, In the year of 1960.Just take a look in the most Important events and news in that time.Go ahead and take a flash back.
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Weather Report

  • Delhi -
  • Kolkata
  • jammu and kashmir
  • andhra pradesh
  • mumbai
  • tamilnaru

Great Quotes

"My imperfection and failures are as much a blessing from God as my sucesses and my talents.And I lay them both at his feet."

- Mahatma Gandhi

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Picture Of The Week


When other's can, why can't you ? Just send your photography according to the subject and become a professsional too. we will publish the best one in our web page.
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Theme of this week - PEACE

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Indian Vastu Tips

  • One must face North/East while worshipping for better devotion.
  • Never sleep with your head towards North. Only the dead body will taken head towards north during funeral.
  • There should not be any broken glass or mirror in the house.
  • Never sit or sleep under the beam.
  • There should not be three doors in a line.